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Gosia has a Bachelor of Science in Naturopathy, from the oldest and most prestigious College of Naturopathy in Australia, Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne.

Gosia has also completed training with Health World, Metagenics, Australia, where she became a BIA (Bio-impedence Analysis) Certified Practitioner. This training enables her to undertake valuable tests measuring body fat, muscle mass, fluid balance, biological age, level of cell hydration and general health of the cells.

With this information at hand she creates personalised treatments and also offers regular and ongoing support to help you achieve your optimal health and/or weight.

Gosia regularly attends professional seminars and undertakes other training to further her knowledge and assist her patients.

Gosia lives what she teaches her health is her absolute priority and she forever maintains a positive outlook on life. She loves to inspire and motivate others to take control of their health.

Working as a Naturopath means to me that I can live my life purpose helping people to take responsibility of their health and stand in their power, to make the right choices.

Sharing my knowledge and experience and telling life changing, powerful stories, makes me very happy and makes me want to create more positive changes. We all deserve to be healthy and happy and live the lives of our dreams.

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