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Gosia’s Recommended 4 Steps to Natural Weight Loss

1. Align Your Life

Guiding Principles of Permanent Weight Loss

  1. Variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables.
  2. Seeds, legumes and nuts.
  3. Restructured Water.
  4. Quality Supplements.
  5. Fresh Air & Deep breathing.
  6. Sunshine Exposure.
  7. Daily Exercise.
  8. Nurture Community: family, personal relationships, friends.
  9. Live Life with Passion.
  10. Meditation /quiet time.

2. Detox your Body

Boost your Glutathione Levels

The  optimal detox is achieved through Glutathione Enhancement. Glutathione is your Body’s Miracle Molecule. Glutathione is the master protector of the cell and defends the cell from free radicals which are highly destructive & toxic agents within the body and its cells. 


‘The cleaner our body, the faster the metabolism will effectively burn fat and lose weight’

3. Balance your Hormones

Activate your Body’s Master Switch

The ultimate secret is learning how to engage the body’s “master switch” known as the “AMPK” pathway.

This Master Switch is a major regulator of cellular energy, metabolism, hormones and even glutathione levels. This helps to control eating habits while efficiently burning through fuel and body fat. 


‘The more balanced our hormones are, the better everything connects and communicates’.

4. Reduce your Stress

Increase your Cellular Oxygen

Stress produces acid, depleting our body of oxygen. A lack of oxygen produces lower energy and causes our entire system to slow and shut down. 

Stress can leave us feeling tired, disconnected and can lead to making poor decisions, over eating, binging on unhealthy fast foods and alcohol. As a result we literally put on increased weight and find it virtually impossible to burn fat not matter what we try. 


‘The more oxygen and less stress in our lives, the healthier we look, weigh and feel’.

Book an Online Weight Loss Consultation with Gosia, Naturopath ND

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