Accelerated Fat Loss - The Natural HCG Alternative

Accelerated Fat Loss (AFL) Drops are 100% natural, modeled off and equally as effective as Dr Simeon’s HCG Protocol (without any negative side effects) and are produced by a compounding pharmacy right here in Melbourne.

By improving the metabolic functioning in the AFL program, there is a greater likelihood that this new weight loss is here to stay. To understand the purpose of the AFL Protocol Drops we need to first understand the role of the hypothalamus. The Hypothalamus is one of the central elements of the brain and it controls secretion of our hormones, regulates our appetite, sleep, temperature control, sugar and fat metabolism.

Balancing this gland is crucial for the hormones to be balanced and to regulate all the processes correctly. An imbalance in hypothalamus results in intense, constant hunger, low metabolism and excessive storage of the fat. This gland doesn’t operate properly in people who are overweight and are carrying excessive fat on the hips, arms, thighs, waist and various fat pads placed around the body.

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“After finishing the AFL program in 23 days, I lost 7 kg, I no longer have aches and pains, have more energy, lost lots of weight around my tummy and my back, very happy with the results”

Helen T Perth

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