The 21 Day Total Detox Reset Program

The Detox Reset Program is included free with an online detox consultation. Gosia provides you with a complete plan to detox your system.

It includes all the individual detox guides, detox recipes, shopping lists, meal planning insights and supplements for the specific organs of elimination, with particular emphasis on clearing & cleansing the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system, all key contributing factors of any successful detoxification program.

Detox Tips

Offers you simple yet powerful tips and insights that will make a big difference to your body and its ability to detox from day one. Following these Detox Tips will advance your detox efforts in quantum leaps, useful tip guides that will speed up your results and success.

Daily Detox Tools 

Equips you with everything you need to understand and progress with your Detox Journey day by day, step by step including full and free access to a Natural Detox Recipe Library, Measurement Tools and Daily Meal Planning that is fun, simple and easier than you ever thought was possible.

Detox Guides 

Offers a set of simple guidance tools that are practical and easy to follow, starting with a Detox Fridge Guide which you canplace on your fridge as a guiding reminder of the simple basics that make a difference between average detox results to amazing detox results…These guides cover off everything from detoxing your body, mind and heart to balancing your hormones.

Detoxing Your Organs

Understanding which organs we need to detox and why is an important step in your Detox Journey. Its important to understand that your liver, kidneys, lungs and lymphatic system are the bodies natural filtration system which catch and filter poisons and toxins from your body. This component equips you with the necessary knowledge, natural tools and remedial supplementsthat will give your major detox organs the necessary support to cleanse your body, heart and mind of all its harmful toxic waste, pollutants and poisons. 

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