Powder – 150 grams – 30 serves Fermented foods are the most potent source of beneficial bacteria….


Fermented foods are the most potent source of beneficial bacteria. The beneficial bacteria assist in digestion, enzymes production and keeping our immune system strong, preventing from excessive growth of bacteria and fungal infections.

A healthy digestive system is crucial for our overall health. Remember “all diseases begin in the gut”.

Good bacteria is especially needed after a course of antibiotics, prescribed medication and medical surgeries.

It is the single most important supplement to take to boost our immune system.

This formula contains 12 strains of friendly microflora for easy digestion and assimilation.

Ideal for digestive support, allergies, food intolerances, yeast overgrowth and low immunity.

These foods have been fermented using a natural organic fermentation process. This multi-stage process pre-digests the foods maximising the availability of the nutrients and their energy.

The organisms used in this process include the following dairy free lactic bacteria:

  • I. acidophillus
  • I. delbrueckii
  • I. caseii
  • I. bulgaricus
  • I. cascsicus
  • I. fermenti
  • I. leichmanni
  • I. lactis
  • I. plantarum
  • I. brevis
  • I. helveticus
  • I. bifidus
  • plus saccharomyces cerevisiae and sac-charomyces boulardii

Directions for Use:

Mix 1 teaspoon with water twice day during the Restore (Phase 2)

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