Liquid – 50 ml – 50 serves Phytoplankton Complete is an exclusive formula that contains a unique…


Marine phytoplankton is a single-celled aquatic organism or microscopic algae upon which the survival of 99% of all life forms on Earth depends.

Scientists say it’s more powerful than chlorella, spirulina, acai berries, fish oil, resveratrol…and virtually any other “superfood” you’ve ever heard about.

Phytoplankton Complete is an exclusive formula that contains a unique blend of minerals, herbs and marine and plant derived phytonutrients.

This cocktail of super antioxidants can be taken daily to improve detoxification, cardiovascular, immune and digestive function as well as overall wellbeing.

Especially indicated for those who are recovering after illness, taking lots of medications, high toxicity, conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and surgeries.

Active ingredients:

  • Silica Concentrate
  • Australian Mahogany Bark Ext
  • Aloe Vera (micro-distilled)
  • Peppermint Ext
  • Raw Colloidal Minerals with Fulvic Acid
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Marine Phytoplankton,

Steviol Glycosides (from Organic Stevia Leaf), Dunaliella Salina Dry Marine Algae®, Chlorophyllin (from Alfalfa), Thaumatin (from Katemfe Fruit), Peppermint Oil.

Directions for use

10 drops once a day with water.

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