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Is your Body’s ‘Master Switch’ ON or OFF?


The ultimate secret is learning how to engage the body’s “master switch” known as “AMPK” (adenosine-monophosphate-activated protein kinase). This master switch is a major regulator of cellular energy, metabolism and even glutathione levels. This helps to control eating habits while efficiently burning through fuel and body fat. The way to turn that switch on is to supplement with MetaSwitch, a supplement which balances AMPK – boosting metabolism, improving digestion, balancing hormones, regulating the endocrine system.

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The Key Issues of Weight Loss


1. Toxicity

Toxicity is accumulated waste from food, water, air and electrics that negatively affects the system, creating challenges when trying to losing weight. As a result we lack energy and generally feel unwell. To effectively lose weight the body needs energy to remove these toxins from the liver, digestive system, kidneys, lymph glands and other elimination organs.

Lets think of our body as a house and each week the rubbish truck comes to clear the waste. What would happen if the truck stopped coming for 1-2years, how would you look and feel? Chances are your home and everyone in it would look and feel unwell.

2. Natural Nourishment

The first step to increasing your intelligence on Weight Management & Weight Loss is understanding the impact of food quality. The body responds favourably when nourished with high quality, live, natural unprocessed foods and drinks (especially micro-clustered, restructured, alkaline water).
Natural, living foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, superfoods (chia seeds, spirulina, hemp seeds, cacao, goji berries), and right kind of water, are absolutely essential part of the weight loss process. without the right nutrients, we cannot possibly be healthy.


3. Hormonal Balancing

The Hormonal System is our cellular communication system. The cleaner the body, the better the cells can communicate with each other.
Hormonal imbalance challenges ones ability to enjoy a healthy, happy and balanced life. As a result we are not able to burn excess fat stores leading to feeling low and experiencing strong food cravings that only add to the problem.
Imagine your house and all the cables in it (phone, internet, electricity), what would happen if all of these services were not available when you needed them, how would you feel? Chances are you might feel disconnected at not being able to communicate when you needed to.

4. Stress and Acid

Stress produces acid, depleting our body of oxygen. A lack of oxygen produces lower energy and causes our entire system to slow and shut down.
Stress can leave us feeling tired, disconnected and can lead to making poor decisions, over eating, binging on unhealthy fast foods and alcohol. As a result we literally put on increased weight and find it virtually impossible to burn fat not matter what we try.

Again lets think of our body as a house and imagine having no clean air to breath or clean water to drink, how would you feel? Chances are we might feel really weak, tired and unable to make good clear decisions.

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