Cancer Recovery Full Supplement Package


Our Cancer Recovery Full Supplement Package is designed for those who are 100% committed to recovery and fast healing and wish to get full support by taking recommended quality supplements.


This package provides a selection of 9 specifically selected products for you to get the best results.

Our Cancer Recovery Full Supplement Package consists of:

  • Liver detox powder
  • Probicol
  • Herbal liver mix
  • Anti-parasitic herbal mix
  • Nervous system support
  • Pea protein powder
  • Modified citrus powder
  • Activated B12
  • Opti-Life

In this package you will find a whole selection of 9 amazing products, all carefully designed to help you healing, recover, detoxify, repair, nourish and get you back to a good health.

All the products are purest quality available, designed with one intention on mind – to help you recover and boost your immune health.

Every single product has been carefully checked and personally analysed by me to make sure that it’s the highest quality and best combination suited for our Cancer Recovery Plan.

In this package you will find supplements to boost your immune system, repair and detoxify the digestive system, re-build the intestinal flora, feed the cells with essential nutrients, support the nervous system with nutrients helping you to get more energy, help you sleep better, relax you, support your adrenals, making sure that your nervous system is 100% nourished and supported.

Our One Stop Package contains many outstanding products like Marine Phytoplankton (Opti-life) full of micro-elements and nutrients to help you recover faster. It’s one of the most powerful supplements available on the market as far as the essential nutrients contents.


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