The Guiding Principles of Natural Weight Loss

1. Eat plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables 

Raw fruits and vegetables are the best foods for us. They are living foods, full of color, flavor, rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Raw fruit and vegetable juices are excellent blood cleansers, ideally suitable for detox and weight loss as well as regeneration of the cells. 80% of your diet should consist of fruits and vegetables for a regular removal of the waste and nutritional value.

2. Small quantities of seeds, legumes and nuts

Seeds, legumes and nuts benefit our health in many different ways. They provide complex carbohydrates, plant protein, fiber and essential fatty acids.  Walnuts and flaxseeds in particular, help to maintain brain function, nourish blood cells and reduce inflammation.  Recommended amount is 10 -20% in your daily diet.

3. Restructured, Micro-clustered Water 

Hydration is absolutely necessary especially for our body’s function, esp brain function. Water is a great conductor of energy, so for all the metabolic processes happening in our body, we must be well hydrated. Purified, preferably alkalized, ionized water is absorbed best.

Recommended amount min 2-3L a day. 

4. High Quality Natural Supplements 

Once wholesome foods and quality water are in place, then we can add natural supplements and herbs. They are very helpful restoring our vitality and correcting the body’s deficiencies. Supplements need to be carefully chosen for a specific condition or for boosting overall health.

5. Fresh Air – Deep Breathing 

Spending time in fresh air, breathing deeply through an abdomen is essential (instead of shallow breathing). Through deep inhalation we increase amount of oxygen that is transported to our cells, improving our energy and all metabolic processes. While we practice conscious breathing, our thinking slows down and gives us a real rest. 

6. Sunshine Exposure

Sun has a healing effect on our body.  Early and late afternoon sun is the best time for us to expose ourselves to the sun. 30 min in the sun provides you nearly a day’s supply of Vitamin D helping your bones form properly preventing osteoporosis and keeping our immune system healthy. Sunlight can improve energy level and mood.

7. Exercise

Walking in an open air is the best exercise for us. Also aerobic exercises like swimming, biking, dancing, and most importantly stretching like in yoga practices. Exercise is stimulating the blood flow to the organs and helping us to breathe deeply. It’s a great relaxant for our mind. 

8. Your community: family, personal relationships, friends

Surround yourself with loving, caring, fun people. It is very important to feel accepted and understood in amongst your family and friends. They can comfort us, and help in difficult times plus share our joy and happiness.

9. Live a Life of Passion

Do what you love to do.  Identify your core passions so you can create fulfilling life you deserve. When you aligned with your deepest most important passions, the ups and downs of daily life wont be able to throw you off track. 

10. Meditation /quiet time

Spend some quiet time every day at least 20 min. We can sit down, walk, lie down, whatever your body desires you to do. Slowing down, watching the space around us, the sky and birds the simplicity and uniqueness of every moment.

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