Cancer Recovery Plan

Uncomplicated, easy to follow, effective, proven plan.

The Cancer Recovery Plan was created in response to hundreds of requests I’ve received from people around the world. After being diagnosed with cancer, many people are looking for the safe ways to heal the body and are overwhelmed with the amount of information available on the internet. So to simplify the confusion and clarify this overwhelming feeling, this simple plan was created.


It takes into the account that cancer is a complicated condition and it needs to be addressed on multiple fronts. It’s the result of an overly toxic body with an overwhelmed immune system due to emotional stress, eating nutritionally depleted diets and having poor lifestyle habits.

It is designed to provide you with the simple and effective ways of detoxifying the body using healthy foods, lifestyle recommendations, proven anticancer protocols and a large choice of proven quality supplements.

To help you with the overwhelming amount of information out there on how to heal cancer naturally, I’ve created a simple plan based on years of research and experience dealing with my cancer patients.

“Last year I was fortunate to be selected to represent Australia to participate in the Global Quest – The Truth About Cancer documentary series watched by millions of people around the globe. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure that you watch it. It’s the best gift you can get it for yourself or your loved ones and in my humble opinion The Truth About Cancer series, is the most comprehensive resource we currently have to educate ourselves about our health and how to heal our body.” 


Our Cancer Recovery Plan Program contains:

  • Best cancer-healing protocols used for many years with excellent results
  • Easy to follow dietary plan
  • Education to understand best ways to change dietary habits
  • List of foods to completely avoid
  • Detailed list of healing foods
  • 20 things you need to do when you first diagnosed
  • Lifestyle changes to help your body detox
  • Best ways to detoxify your liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs and skin
  • Carefully chosen quality supplements to detoxify and nourish the body as well as directly fight the cancer
  • Easy to follow treatments you can do at home
  • Delicious, simple recipes
  • Proven ways assisting you to deal with stress and your emotions especially fear and uncertainty.

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