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‘We all deserve to be healthy, vibrant and fulfil our purpose in life, I am here to assist you to heal and empower you’

– Gosia Kuszewski, ND

Water Purification Systems

Hydrogen Rich Water Solutions increases mental clarity, reduces fatigue, improves moods, perform better and enjoy a healthier life

AFL Fat Loss Drops

Accelerated Fat Loss Drops are a natural, homeopathic alternative to the artificial version of the HCG injections

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Online or In Person Consultations

Gosia offers both online Skype consultations and in room consultations from her medical office on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. In person consultations includes a live blood analysis and a thorough investigation of your symptoms, looking for the root of the problem.

Prescribed remedies are always 100% natural and of the highest standard, they have no side effects and are very effective. The diet is always discussed and specifically designed for the individual person.

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A proven, effective, easy to follow natural treatment plan for cancer.

The Cancer Recovery Plan was created in response to hundreds of requests I’ve received from people around the world. After being diagnosed with cancer, many people are looking for the safe ways to heal the body and are overwhelmed with the amount of information available on the internet. So to simplify the confusion and clarify this overwhelming feeling, this simple plan was created.
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Pure Water Filtration Systems

Detox Product Range

"Optimal health is all about understanding how our entire being as an eco-network works, using positive feelings, living foods, cellular hydration plus supplementing with the right nutrients, as the biggest drivers'. The body has a tremendous ability to repair and regenerate, providing the right conditions"

Gosia Kuszewski, ND

What My Customers are Saying

When I was diagnosed with Melanoma it came as a real shock to me, and for a few days I was pretty defeated by it. I watched documentaries online and came across a fantastic one in which Gosia.

After visiting Gosia I was really impressed about her knowledge of overall health and being able to tell where my body was struggling to perform optimally. 

Within 1 month of following Gosia’s advice I had lost 5kg of weight and my energy levels were way up. Within 2 months I had lost 8 kg of weight and feel better than I have in 20 years!

Now I feel completely different and have a desire to get stronger and healthier, thanks
to Gosia.

Matt from Gold Coast

From the moment I came to see Goisa, I felt that I was in good hands. Gosia was warm, friendly and had lots of compassion for me.

I went through a horrific treatment which almost killed me with my lung cancer and Gosia’s help came at the right time.

I was exhausted, looked like a skeleton, couldn’t sleep, had no energy, my whole body was achy, had rash all over my body and mouth ulcers.

Gosia is a God send.

Kathryn from Gympie

My visit with Gosia was one of a whole new experience to me. The result of the visit was everything I could of hope for and I started to notice changes quickly.

One thing I really liked was the time Gosia took to get to know me.

I would and I do constantly recommend Gosia to anyone who thinks they are ready to get their health working to the best ability.

Jenn from Coolum

After finishing the AFL program in 23 days, I lost 7 kg.

I no longer have aches and pains, I have more energy, lost lots of weight around my tummy and my back.

Very happy with the results!

Helen from Perth

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‘All of the products in my store are tested, approved and  recommended by me’
– Gosia Kuszewski, ND

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